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Windows 7下使用Fetion和MSSQL 2005


至于Fetion,以前XP下我都是不安装的,直接运行,当绿色软件跑。可是在Windows 7里就是不行。我还以为是Fetion跑不了Windows 7呢。

心想:Fetion是用.NET开发的,没什么理由不能在Windows 7下跑。于是到官网下了安装程序重新安装,这样就可以跑了。


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Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Micros


Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

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Agent components provide animated characters (Genie, Merlin, PeedyRobby & "Custom") to appear during specific help or instruction. (Support FAQ)
Alt-Tab Replacement in addition to the icon of the application window you are switching to, you see a preview of the page.  
Calculator Plus also performs many types of conversions. 
ConferenceXP enables you to see & hear others in a virtual collaborative space, called a venue. You collaborate on an electronic whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation, send messages and more.

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