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Adsense 被 K ,将近 200 刀没了

  坑爹的 Google ,事情发生在上周五,十点多收到adsense-adclicks-noreply@google.com发来的一封标题为“Google AdSense Account Disabled”的邮件。


With our advertising programs, we strive to create an online ecosystem that benefits publishers, advertisers and users. For this reason, we sometimes have to take action against accounts that demonstrate behavior toward users or advertisers that may negatively impact how the ecosystem is perceived. In your case, we have detected invalid activity in your AdSense account and it has been disabled.

We’re limited in the amount of information we can provide about your specific violation. We understand this can be frustrating for you, but we’ve taken these precautionary measures because intentional violators can use this information to circumvent our detection systems.

In some cases, publishers can make significant changes to correct the violation and are willing to comply with the AdSense program policies ( For this reason, we offer an appeals process as an opportunity to work with you to resolve the issue. To help you with the process, we’ve created a list of the top reasons for account closure for you to review before submission at Please be sure to provide a thorough analysis in your appeal, which you can submit at and we will follow up accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Google AdSense Team

  哥的帐号已经使用多年了,一直没有问题。额,记得前几年也被 K 过一次,也是无效点击。后来申诉一下就恢复了。这次就没有这么幸运,得到这样的回复:


感谢您提出申诉。对于您提供的额外信息,以及您对 AdSense 计划的持续关注,我们深表感谢。不过,在重新对您的帐户数据进行彻底的审核并考虑您的反馈信息后,我们的专家确认我们无法恢复您的 AdSense 帐户。

需要提醒您注意的是,一旦我们对您的申诉作出决定,就不再受理进一步的申诉,您也不会再收到我们任何进一步的回复。另外,由于违反相关条款而受到停用帐户处罚的 AdSense 发布商今后不得再加入 AdSense 计划。因此,您也不能开设新帐户。

此外,因无效点击活动而被停用的帐户今后既不能收到付款,也不能重发以前的付款。您的未结余额以及 Google 的相应收入份额都将会全额退还给受到影响的广告客户。感谢您在此问题上的理解。



Google AdSense 小组敬上


像 Chrome 迷和阮一峰等知名博客的话还有希望恢复。而像我这种只是自己做一个记录的博客真是有苦无处说。只能打掉牙齿往肚子里吞!

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